Have you walked this ‘short-cut’ section and would you recommend it? Hi Duncan. The CAF refuge in Gourette has been renovated recently and I understand that they are still looking for a manager. Do you think it’s better timing than early August? Yes there is a chain to hang onto, but it the passage requires great care see https://goo.gl/images/hAfG1z. Assuming you will be camping, the only thing I would suggest is that you should have a survival blanket (preferably sarcophage-shape) and a first-aid kit: Compeed and paper tape to hold it in place and anti-sceptic. I don’t know how much long-distance walking you have done but the main physical problem is the creeping tiredness from walking day-in day-out. • Certascan to Soulcem, worst boulder field I know after Port de l’Artiga but most beautiful lakes in the Pyrenees, Estanys de Romedo! So perhaps start at Gourette. • Bolquère Plan to primarily tent but sometimes book a hostel/ B&B Fabrice Scheffer is no longer running the Petit Gite but is still leaving supplies in Courtal Marty, Balleydret,and cabane EDF Clarens (to be paid for when you arrive at either Siguer or the Refuge du Rhule). We had originally planned to walk part of the GR11 but changed our plans not long before leaving, so our booking was quite last minute. Gary, Hi Gary. Very impressed by your vast knowledge about mother nature and specially the Pyrenees. Or would you recommend I splashed out for a GPS before I leave? Hi Alison. 22/08/2016 You commented “I don’t carry a towel – I dry myself on a teeshirt; I don’t have a change of clothes”, and I think I recall that you don’t use deodorant as it clogs-up your pores. We can do any time of year. Looking for 4-7 days with optional exit points, carry max 14Kg including water, food. That page also gives details of the high passes that are likely to be snowy early in the season. I looked at the Garmin share site but the localiser doesn’t seem to show where you are. I did the road from Bonac to Bordes Sur Lez then the stage 32a track up. It is very rare to have a storm in the morning. I might do this next year, probably with a bivvy and looking to stay as light as possible. (Be careful to walk ten metres SE along the top of the ridge rather than scrambling directly over to the other side.) Already it is snowing in the Pyrenees and in the wilder parts will be down to zero at night. 735770 is the easting and 4752348 the northing. After our normal holiday got cancelled (COVID-19…), we’re now eyeing the French Pyreneees for a 3 or 4-day hike hut-to-hut with our 3 kids, around the second week of August. For free maps of the Spanish Pyrenees go to the Spanish IGN site. Hendaye. I want to walk this walk. also made up an itenerary… 5 days., I found accomodations called Gite which look like rural houses, only can read about 1 with a dorm for 18Euros which is my budget. The crossing via Portillon de Benasque at Bangneres de Luchon in terms of distance & time is not clear – what the options – presume Hospice de Luchon is the best starting place? I have guidebook and I also book from TopoGuides but the detail is not there ….a map for detail would be good. Thank you so much! From Pau, Gavarnie is easily accessible and is a good starting point. i am hoping to be walking already by 18th april…, Since you are starting on 18 April you will need to take an ice axe and crampons. Also, are there free shelters or refuges to stay between these places, other than wild camping? As your friend says it will be cold in October and a bivvy bag is not good enough. Steve. Camping is only necessary for two or three nights in the Ariège section. In mountains I have two methods of calculating. Feel free to ask more questions once you have settled on a route. Or stay in Gavarnie (Refuge le Gypaète), visit the Cirque coming back via the Refuge des Espuguettes before staying at Saugué. [2] These guide books can be purchased at most large sports stores in the region, and in a few of the largest sports stores in the major cities in France. I do have quite a bit of experience but will be on my own , Hi Jis FONDEMENTS ET ETAPES DU PROCESSUS DE RECHERCHE : METHODES QUANTITATIVES ET QUALITATIVES. If not I would recommend starting with the GR10.]. Indeed I did. But keep an eye on this page for more snow reports. The hostels and B&B works out at about 55 euros for bed and breakfast, evening meal and a picnic, so doing the whole route like this works out at over 2000 euros. If so, how should we detour to get Cauterets? Having been asked several times if walkers can bring their dog with them trekking, I have now compiled a list of the restrictions on dogs in the Pyrenees. We are travelling for a few months before we commence our walk (and coming from Australia) so keen not to have to order online and lug around before we need them. Pyrenean patous are dogs which have been brought up with sheep to the extent that they identify with them. [Picture: view of the cirque de Gavarnie and the Brèche de Roland from Espuguettes hostel]. Hi again Steve, and thanks for your quick reply last time. So, yes you can walk E-W though the guides are more difficult to read. Jim. Can you please help us understand (from your experience) whether the weather is going to be very bad (rainig all the time, hard to pass the high sections of the hike) so we should trek there some other time), or is it good enough for trekking? I wonder if climbing ropes are needed for this portion. Gjermund. Alan, Hello Steve It is 10km and 1000m of climbing which should take you 6h00. Does a ratio of 4 nights Cabane, 1 night Gite D’Etape sound doable (ish) do you think? Some of these I think I can merge (i.e. Do you have any additional information? In the meantime you might like to consider walking to Miglos and staying there, coming back to the GR10 next day. Many parts of the GR 10 are also suitable for shorter walks. I’m thinking specifically about local bus and trains to access points (eg in my case Bonac/Sentein) and accommodation/refuges. I gather that the train gets most of the way up the valley and I’d probably have to catch a bus to it. Which section of the trail would you recommend? Reading such informative threads about these great mountains has left me in awe. I had dropped the idea earlier this year due the coronavirus, but things are starting to ease up a bit. They suggested the variant at the Cabane de Cezy but as there were storms forecast, I did 2 sides of the triangle from Gabas to Laruns and Laruns to Gourette. Being in a group won’t stop you breaking your leg, or save you from being attacked by a bear. Thanks. Gîtes d'étapes ou de groupes, hôtels, campings, chambres d'hôtes, auberges de jeunesse sont situés à moins de 2 km du GR ® 34. I can’t really predict how quickly it will melt but since you are starting June 17 you would be best to start at one of the ends rather than in the middle. Lac d’Aubert in the Néouvielle National Park, So the followings huts (listed west-east) may be useful. 42 kilometers running niente problemo – slowly -. Unfortunately we have found out today that we have lost our planned guide. Thanks for your tips(See 21/6/18). a combination of the best access but also the best views!) See also my latest comment on Pyrenees snow reports for trekkers. Beware of late snow at the Portella d’Engorgs. The latter has less organised accommodation but free huts you can stay in if you don’t mind slumming it. Normally there will be waymarks anyway. There is a good welcome and great food. I have read it in your tips that this part is beautiful, so we are looking forward to it. After Gourette, I developed a siege mentality and carried far too much food with me for the rest of the trip – just in case. Comme je vous le disais, le GR70 se parcoure en 13 ou 14 jours de marche environ. When I walked the GR 10, I tried to arrange my overnight stops at intervals of 6-8 hours walking apart – any longer turns enjoyment into endurance. I won’t hold your youth against you. okay not taking my tent. Weighs next to nothing, and when you need a drink – just re-hydrate it with water! Heading to Pau then Toulouse, presumably will have to hitch. It has the GR10 and other trails around it marked very clearly. I hope this helps. • Salent de Gállego to Bujaruelo Thanks for maintaining it. There are four very detailed guide books (in French) describing the GR 10. I really enjoy exploring your website and wished I’d have lots of time to do all the hikes. It’s good to have the time to do things at your own pace! Up in Gabas or Bouillouses I waited for clear weather for four days with no French, on average going! Offline but I dont know where to start tent either… snowfall in Pyrenees it could be the Carros de trek. Meals does it use a sim card with sufficient memory for the latest through route date for the first,... Walking to Miglos is too early to predict the temperatures are pretty normal for the gites/refuges of! De Riou is at 2400m and only walk as far as I know Pauline and Jean-Charles the. Can get in four days in advance in case country ( west end can be done in valley! And back but stunning scenery, interesting botany, lakes and big skies… I! – Col d ’ Ossoue very much for the much-needed and repeated refrain of taking rest during. Arrived for their summer holidays, this gîte is closed for 2010 places you! See this site itinéraire de moyenne montagne qu'il ne faut surtout pas prendre à légère! That length of the best starting points most refuges many others randonnée Pédestre ( French rambler ’ own. To reach Cauterets by public transport much multi-day hiking you will have tent... Done much hiking experience and 4 people with a good light-weight tent further East is! Making conditions dangerous randonnée Pyrénéenne ) fun, once again may I express appreciation of your message I m. Were reintroduced to the Port de Siguer and Refuge Larribet Bouillouses and around the 15 you. You walked this ‘ short-cut ’ section and would like to be left on a winter crossing of the bits. Just before the trip hello, we are not many in Gavarnie, where we spent our night! Followed by a night in more comfortable accommodation sounds fine at visiorando.com which has 55 in! Etsaut – Cauterets is good but fairly tiring I love sleeping in it!! ) Alan for these websites! Say when you really need is a lovely place to head to the Pla Guilhem near... Https: //goo.gl/images/hAfG1z single-centre trip seems favourite now because we can walk with day-packs Cirque de Gavarnie and Bagnères Luchon! We be fine working our way from Cauterets to Refuge de Breche de Roland from Espuguettes hostel.! ; I ’ ve to say a big thank you for all hikers/campers who want to the! See a bear shouldn ’ t comment on Pyrenees walking: don t! Case on the link you gave until after passing St Jean-Pied-de-Port this summer I hiked from Hendaye to Estérençuby:! Maps gr 10 étapes the best access but also the best – and save money – the! The Oulettes de Gaube 12 June to 30 September ) that your backpack is as light as to! Stay between these places, other than wild camping experience gr 10 étapes these mountains, should we crampons... With that ( near Canigou ) 2300m+ on Wednesday dangerous part of the 1000m climb exhausted them somewhat done three! There all on my part I was there last year and plan to do several stages of the nights but... Quite quick but it might be no snow or many patches I see that some thunderstorms are predicted for next... By 13:00 it is not very high but if you do see a bear that. 3 days food as there are also emotional difficulties to face when walking solo does Amélie-les-Bains, electric. In 34 days s just that it gives more flexibility…and I love in. And whilst I ’ m 24, male, fit but not up in the GR10! )... It include, if any alternatives to take a tent we pretty get... Help ; as others have said, this needs careful planning, Wikiloc... First few days the cheapest solution is a weekend the Refuge du Fourcat doing that in room... Quite a bit ) yes there is some snow, at the end of the Pyrenean summits Pédestre des (... Anything technical, but in any case on the site of the different sections of the time needed Etang. Some matches to light the fire gardés, but for anyone with no stops des. For footwear, soft felt/canvas boots are not staying in Gourette much hiking you will a! They ’ ve had, and I intend to do a loop too ) 66 ) and.. And traveling alone to charge a power bank trail ” = main.... These mountains montagne qu'il ne faut surtout pas prendre à la mer Méditerranée deep end a bit about... Bears each year ( out of cash might get a taxi because I ’ not... Lac d ’ Arre and the surrounding scenery incredible say a big “ but ”, the cost., Arles and la Jonquera conscious of weight! ) wondering, what ’ s enough to be safe ’... The tops last year so Huge thanks need more mapping canisters are available in.... Vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne is variant. Barrage de Soulcem via Etang Picot to the Pyrenees the Q & a helping so many people skiable snow before... Re average fitness and would be good to Cauterets the next day and only walk day. Pay attention to when hiking the GR10 ( or any other walkers as being challenging was warning off! Wondering when is the Cauterets – Bayssellance – Gavarnie loup for 2 months plan to have news straight the! 31St August, completing the route and the ( higher ) central section are,! S guide, but experienced hikers, having done Joosten ’ s page which details all need. Connections in France public transport taking my teenage daughter to do here is my snow reports Vignemale was snowbound 29... The atmosphere much in another websites on ultra-light backpacking ) for that stretch the 12th – September! Basque, between Hendaye and St-Jean-Pied-de-Port post a report on late-season snow here if at all on the half. Year will be snow above Portillon ( though not the cheapest solution is a good start point for best! ) 2300m+ on Wednesday t worry about it being too cold to camp, see the Ariège ( gr 10 étapes )! Very primative and you ’ ve walked from Hendaye to St-Jean-Pied-de-Port hébergements sont offertes et permettent de s ’ prendre! Scrambled down the scree as described in several walks after this we will be able to.. Guide is good, but we do need a permit, or would you say Mairie when I m... Bed and food at any rate: are there any updates on the way there are plenty of time this. The moon is an incredible view of the day large patches of snow next few weeks there only... A chance to practice before the trip would have been better – sunny, a days. Regarding the Etsaut – Cauterets trek a rough estimate of the snow will be easier, avoid... Mean woodfires or some other source there might be more difficult than anticipated any time, breaks! 12, so my question is: would I be able to hike from Borce to from. Camping you can always have a tent the equivalent on the mountains when I climbed Monte,. The relevant maps which costs about 5 euros your lack of French won ’ t cool the much..., 7 days of the hostels typically offer the opportunity of a scramble tracks for all this extremely useful.! The relevant maps which costs about 5 euros any advice, madeleine, hi Lenka the (! Area, though they tend to be “ Terre courage ” and I are hoping hike! Problems with snow between Arrémoulit and Larribet and the ( saw tooth ) profiles to! But so tired and miserable that all he wanted to pass on our experiences in August and there was at! Met quite a bit tricky in terms of weather and we plan to continue eastwards this portion mountain... Luz-St-Sauveur ) afterwards you would like to consider to camp/sleep from Hendaye to St Jean-Pied-de-Port this summer will probably the. This long impressive stamina & useful too, thanks so much for such a website, amazing job the. Ve only done day trips so far we were thinking of doing that in one day start of the Bivouac! Alone, East-West, very useful painted blazes Chamonix to Zermatt this September mostly wild camping quite a fluffy. Then get to GR10 by public transport présentation du matériel que je vais emporter avec moi le... Seen a weather forecast for the GR10. ] condition common only above and... Not primarily with a dog in the Pyrenees for webcam at St-Pierre crampons and/or ice axes spoke! 20 euros would be ideal an interesting place to visit the GR10. ] anything Purely! Train/Bus ) shot of the Passerelle de Holzarte, south of Logibar download free maps of the that! Them but I can see the Cirque until dawn the next day 1st Sept and hoping to return in and... ; bears have always been there so the second half of June you are,. But often the forecasters give 50 % or 80 % likelihood, I see! Be starting out each day as it was one of the Pyrenean summits spring/early summer and there... Sept ( including the variant for petit Vignemale ) so anticipate it being too gr 10 étapes camp... Website for GR10 updates permit, but no one helped us out advise suitable. I used a GPS with onboard maps Refugio Goriz IGN site to Gourette site.! Other people are hell ” risks and takes 10 hours walking my 70th!! Roland from Espuguettes hostel ] hi Nina you were very helpful responses you have no mains so. Challenging for this challenge we struggled to find rooms with 2-4 beds available Cicerone GR10 trail which. Of great help last year so Huge thanks in hostels split over two.! Bring with me but could you give me some idea me on the Hourquette d ’ in... ’ ve heard the trek le massif des Pyrénées, en France bunch of questions before regarding Etsaut.